We have team members availble to offer full maintenance services from polishing out scratches in your acrylic panels to full silicone reseals of commercial aquariums. We can offer this service thought out New Zealand, Australia  or any where else in the world. 


 We have been involed in the following maintenance projects  along with many others:

  • Reseal of coral tank at Kelly Tarltons NZ, this project was attemped by another company that failed to reseal this aqaurium which was a very differcult job due to the theaming in place and not being able  to fully remove the panel, CPL sucessfully completed the task in two days.
  • Full re-polish of The Star Casino (Sydney, Austrailia) two acrylic cylinder aquariums in 2011 were fully re-surfaced back to original condition.
  • A full re-polish of the main acrylic panel (measuring 8.5x1.6 meters high) in Izzy the Crocodiles enclosure at the National Aquarium of New Zealand.
  • Polishing wear and tear scuff marks and scracthes out of the rapids tank and eel tank at the Tongariro National Trout Centre at Turangi.
  • Full re-polish and reseal of 50 meters of acrylic tunnels at Sydney Sealife Aquarium. This project  in 2012 was to remove, re-polish and reseal the two 25 meter acrylic tunnels in the OC1 oceanarium, the project was co-ordinated in with other contractors undertaking new life support system installations and complete new theme work of the oceanarium.